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OpenGeofiction Logo
Name OpenGeofiction logo
Description The logo of OpenGeofiction (a thought bubble with a globe) and its initials on a background consisting of a street map
Location (1088,205)
Creator OpenGeofiction

r/place 2022


First try: somewhere on the left of the first canvas, unsuccessful

Second try: on the first expansion

  1. Battle with duck
  2. Alliance with ANYI, finishing globe and large parts of banner
  3. Expansion into pixel place app 2
  4. Upkeep


  1. Azerbaijan expands above us, pressure increases but is held off, helping communities above us
  2. Turkey expands above us, pressure now from 2 communities, but is held off
  3. 777 expands right of us, stops at 'universities' border
  4. short lived void invasion, full rebuild takes place after it
  5. Turkey invades 777 and wipes half of ANYI including most of us too, Azerbaijan invades left over bit of our logo
  6. Turkey becomes painting and offensive effort with ANYI is undertaken, but fails. Small turkish flag appears on the left instead of Azerbaijan invasion, but is turned into Cornell logo, so our chance for a spot there is lost
  7. refuge options considered including a spot on the Czech flag and a small expansion with ANYI into the painting to create space for an emergency design. Czech option fails, expansion seems to work but then fails
  8. Unicornio destroys other half of ANYI, chances of rebuilding are now gone

Final Result

Efforts together with ANYI result in a spot on the final clean canvas, with the small emergency design of OGF on it

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