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obcave Logo.png
Obcave Logo
Name obcave
Description Website/group of friends making personal projects
Website https://www.obcave.com

Obcave (stylised as "obcave" all lowercase) is a website/group of friends that is dedicated to making personal projects such as music, discord bots, and cloud storage, as well as a popular public Minecraft server.

obcave members created multiple artworks representing the Obcave logo throughout r/place in multiple locations, however only one of these survived into the final canvas.

The 1st obcave logo was quickly made within the first hour of r/place and was located above the Finland flag. The design included the full name 'obcave' and featured a orange and gray stripe that was incorporated due to griefs using the same colours.

1st obcave Logo during the first 5 hours of r/place.

This deisgn lasted for a few hours before being overtaken by a Vespian Flag.

After multiple failed attempts to create another artwork representing obcave failed, it was decided that It would be made on the empty space next to the small troll face. Despite suffering attacks from the troll face discord, the 2nd logo was created. This design was much more modest, only featuring a solid red rectangle with white letters that read 'ob'.

The 2nd obcave logo (top right)

Despite a few small griefs on the design and the border, relations with the troll face community were friendly, despite zero communication between the two communites.

The 'Stab'

After 3 hours of the 2nd logo being made, the troll face community created a sword to the right of the troll face. This eventually expanded upwards into the ob logo, creating a sort of stab wound as dark red pixels were placed around it. This was the final design until eventually the ob logo was overtaken by the gray pixels surrounding the troll face after 15 hours of survival.

The 2nd obcave logo (top right) with the sword 'stabbing' it

The colours shown in the final design formed here.

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