Minecart Rapid Transit

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Minecart Rapid Transit
Name Minecart Rapid Transit
Description The logo of the MRT server, with various colors representing each MRT line on top.
Location (1334, 463)
Creator Various members of Minecart Rapid Transit

The Minecart Rapid Transit server is a Minecraft creative server focusing on city-building and transportation. It started in 2012 and has been running continuously since, with a new world being introduced in 2014 and world expansions happening in 2017 and 2020. The server is focused on the titular Minecart Rapid Transit system, a fully automated minecart railway system, however other methods of transportation have been made, such as other automated minecart transportation technologies and warp vehicles.

The server attempted to get its logo onto the canvas in 2017, however it never came into fruition.

/r/place 2022

Early Attempts

Earlier attempts to add the logo onto the canvas were less organized, having the goal of adding as many 3x3 logos to the canvas in one area as they could. It was attempted early on close to the top-east corner of the canvas, which was later occupied by Wales. A second attempt at this was started by Melecie in (886, 716) beside Ruby Kurosawa, which later faced opposition from Niigo Miku. At its peak, about five logos were added to the canvas.


With the first expansion of the canvas, new plans were formally drafted. Expanding the logo to a 6x6, the new logo was added in (1642, 579). This also featured the server's short name, MRT. After being firmly established in the area, the community also added in colors below the logo signifying each of the MRT lines' colors in roughly alphabetical code order, with the Old World lines in the end.

Code Line name Color used
A Arctic Light blue
C Circle Gray
D Desert Dark purple
E Eastern Light green
F Forest Blue
H Savannah Brown
I Island Pink
J Jungle Dark brown
L Lakeshore Lavender
M Mesa Orange
N Northern Dark blue
P Plains Dark green
S Southern Yellow
T Taiga Dark brown
V Valley Light pink
W Western Red
X Expo Black
Z Zephyr White
B Blue Blue
G Green Light green
O Orange Orange
R Red Red
Y Yellow Yellow


In total, eighteen members managed to help out in establishing the logo in the canvas. It was moved once, after the Jacksonville Jaguars requested more space for their area. The community moved left, displacing Adastra's artwork, who moved somewhere else. The MRT also joined and assisted The Quadrant alliance, which included the Jaguars as well as Factorio and Pikmin among others.

The MRT logo was later destroyed as part of an attack by xQc, with the area then being taken over by the Ecuadorian flag in the meantime.

Recreation and final result

The server logo was recreated next to Donkey Kong in another area also attacked by xQc. Allying with WolvHaven, another Minecraft server the MRT has had strong relations with, both servers' logos were quickly established within the area. 24 MRT members assisted in the establishment of this logo along with other WolvHaven members. Minor alliances were also forged with Plan P and Grand Mountain Adventure. All four managed to survive towards the end of Place in the Whitening.

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