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Screenshot 2022-04-10 175658.png
Name Matthewhotdog50
Description Matthewhotdog50 is the Minecraft skin of growing YouTuber / Podcaster Matthew.
Location 1771, 430
Creator Matthewhotdog50, Lukesharm

Matthewhotdog50 is a Minecraft skin created by YouTuber / Podcaster Matthewhotdog50.

r/place 2022


On the final day of r/place, it was built in a crossroads between the Doge Coin artwork and the Quackity artwork.


Before it was built near the Doge Coin artwork, it was built right on the Pig artwork. Quickly, a war started between Pig and Matthewhotdog50, but Pig eventually prevailed in the end because of much higher numbers.


On the Pig artwork, Pig actually tried to overtake Matthewhotdog50 in its new place, but eventually gave up. The main competition was against Matthewhotdog50 and a now collapsed artwork, ATS. The "T" in ATS was their main offensive turret, but Matthewhotdog50 had so much alts that it took over them entirely, and just gave up.


The creators of Matthewhotdog50 were two individuals, one being Matthew himself, and one being Lukesharm, who was his friend. Together, they had many alts to crush incompetent competition.

Final Result

On the final canvas, this artwork was untouched except for the left eye looking somewhat odd.

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