Land of the Lustrous

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Land of the Lustrous
Name Land of the Lustrous
AKA Houseki no Kuni
Description The community of Land of the Lustrous that participated in r/place 2022
Subcommunities Deo,SFC
Subreddit LandoftheLustrous, HousekiNoKuni

Land of the Lustrous, AKA Houseki no Kuni is the name of the community of the manga and anime series of the same name. In r/place 2022 the efforts was mainly coordinated in a dedicated discord server by the name of "land of the lustrous r/place idk"

The community decided to make some art in the event because the members felt it would be a good community exercise and to contribute to internet history.


Land of the Lustrous Community Art

Main article: Land of the Lustrous Community Art

The entire artwork created by the Land of the Lustrous Community and subcommunities

Component Pieces

Phosphophyllite Art
Main article: Phosphophyllite Art

The First and main piece of the Land of the Lustrous artwork. The final piece is the second iteration in a new location as the first one was destroyed in its old location.

Cinnabar Moon
Main article: Cinnabar Moon

The second piece of the Land of the Lustrous artwork, it was made in the ruins of a northern neighbor after a close encounter with a streamer black pixel storm

LOTL Subcommunities and Inside-jokes
Main article: LOTL Subcommunities and Inside-jokes

The various miscellaneous lettering of subcommunities and community inside jokes


  • Fosterthepeople
  • 716place
  • deo
  • SFC
  • r/citieswar
  • Azur Lane
  • XMoon
  • Keqing Mains
  • Kaguya-sama



A preliminary design was created and posted in the Land of the Lustrous subreddit in anticipation of the return of r/place, sometime before the event started.

April 1, 2022

As far as the records show, the Land of the Lustrous community wasn't aware of the event on the very first day.

April 2, 2022

On the second day of the event The Land of the Lustrous Discord server has become aware of the r/place event. Roughly about 9 hours before the establishment of the dedicated Land of the Lustrous r/place Discord server. The efforts were brought on by a member by the name of Waterlemin, whose nickname in the server is currently 'Hofknapie (No Gang Gang)' whom created their own rudimentary Phos design unaware of the preliminary design posted in the LotL subreddit

This was Waterlemin's rudimentary Phos design.

It was originally planned to cover a small walrus art in this location:

But within an hour it seems that there was no success, there was too few people to hold the territory as the idea had yet to gain any traction among the community.

A relocation was in order, at around 201, 976

In the new location, it appears there was some progress that was made.

But up until this time, very few progress is made as the efforts were decentralized and unorganized. The project truly became centralized and more organized when Tree-sama took charge and led the efforts

The plan is now to cover the area around 1854, 293. At this point in time Tree-sama and Clowncar has brought in the first regiment of soldiers in the project.

Shortly after, Maskyboi created and proposed two version of Phos.

Though these designs weren't implemented as the number of participants were only amounted to 15, too few to hold the territory necessary.

The group lasted for about 2 hours in this location before being overtaken.

The location at 1793, 282 was considered but that was short lived as that area was very highly contested a seemingly a very frequent theme.

The scouting for a new location resulted in the community coming into contact with Vyra, of the SFC faction whom reached out to the LoTL community for an alliance. The alliance was quickly formed and the construction began at 1380, 528

It was decided to attempt the most recent full body design to date, which would be Maskyboi's Mimaya, of Spnati offered their support, as their faction had reached stability

During the beginning of construction there seemed to be a minor clash with a group attempting to outline the area green though it appears that it did not have much consequence.

At around 11:45 pm UTC, the community successfully completed Phos' face for the first time, and work on the body was still underway

As Phos began to take shape, a faction undertaking the construction of Peter Griffin appeared to the left, causing some concern. They were inactive for a few minutes, and in that time, the community made good progress. The Peter Griffin group began their invasion, by 'decapitating' Phos with a pink borderline, simultaneously, the community began drafting their logo.

April 3, 2022

This is around the same time (12:10 am UTC) The LoTL Discord server spotted Phos on the canvas. Without any knowledge of the 'land of the lustrous r/place idk' Discord server, the community in the Discord server began to help out. Back in the dedicated r/place Lotl server, thoughts of allying with 716 started, as their numbers were much larger than ours.

April 4, 2022

(Insert History here)


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