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Description Kamitsubaki English Community
Subreddit Kamitsubaki_Fans
Website https://discord.gg/NwCy89U
Artwork Kaf

English fan community of Kamitsubaki Studio, mostly active on discord[1].

Kamitsubaki Studio is a Japanese creative label, established in 2019, involved with managing virtual artists.

The most notable virtual artist being Kaf, debuted in October 2018 at the age of 14, recently graduated from high school in March 2022.

Kamitsubaki Studio also manages other artists, mostly vocaloid producers, including Kanzaki Iori, Guiano, and unit DUSTCELL.

A sister studio Sinsekai Studio was launched in June 2021.

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Main article: Kaf

After 2 initial unsuccessful attempts, an artwork of Kaf was ultimately made in collaboration with r/virtualYoutubers.



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