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Name Foxhole
Description The community of the massively multiplayer action-strategy game Foxhole.
Subreddit foxholegame
Discord Foxhole Official Discord
Twitter @foxholegame
Artwork Hex Map, Foxhole Logo, War.exe

Foxhole is a massively multiplayer action-strategy war game developed by Canadian video game company Siege Camp. Players assume the role of an individual soldier who serves one of two factions, Wardens or Colonials, and fights over the country of Caoiva.

r/place 2022


Operation r/place

A Reddit post was made on the r/foxholegame subreddit by u/gamechfo on March 29th, asking the Foxhole community to help make a mural on r/place. A Discord server was linked in the comments to help organize. It was named "OPERATION R/PLACE" and quickly grew to hundreds of members.

Beginning hours

WallStreetBets war

Operation Thunderclap


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