Ducks United

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Ducks United
Name Ducks United
Description An Organisation formed on the 20th of July 2023
Subreddit placeducks ; duck_place ; shareducks

The Ducks United formed for r/place 2023, is an organisation created on 20 July 2023. It is made up of three subreddits and has a strict organisation worthy of an Empire. It has conquered numerous territories and formed colonies, including the Duck Swarm then still within the r/placeducks server that occurred at the start of the event.


Main Lands

Formation & Duck Swarm

Pattern used for the Duck Swarm

The Ducks United was created by Fire and initially comprised the subreddits r/placeducks & r/duck_place, later joined by the subreddit r/shareducks. The organisation was born out of an impulse to bring together the various groups involved in the spread of yellow ducks on a black background and to extend it as far as possible. The movement was quickly joined by random people spreading the ducks side by side because it was an easily reproducible pattern (see image on the right of the page) which, until then, had been executed on the pixels & dibistan (owned by Prince) server, hosting the Dibistan micronation community during r/place 2022, renamed r/placeducks for the occasion. The actions were led by Alexiscomete and his loyal team. When Ducks United was created, opinions varied. Some thought it would help unite all the ducks more easily, while others found the server useless and only contributed to the confusion surrounding who was really propagating the ducks.

21st of July 2023

Ducks United's territory at the end of the 20th of July 2023
The heart that formed between Ducks and Bolivia's territory.

During the night of the 20th of July 2023 (GMT), the Duck Swarm was erased from existance and replaced with the flag of Mexico, Peru & Bulgaria. Countries are strong communities since they have a geographical unity, which is why the Ducks United decided to relocate under the flag of Spain with a new design. The two communities had made an agreement to allow the Ducks United to make their place bigger and take a part of the spanish flag. Later that day, Bolivia extended its territory and arrived right next to the Ducks United place. A heart formed between the two communities and none of the two wished to fight.

22nd of July 2023

Ducks United's territory at the end of the 21st of July 2023
Ducks United's territory in the morning of the 22nd of July 2023
Ducks United's territory since the 22nd of July 2023

The friendship between Ducks United and Bolivia was strong. Nevertheless, during the night of the 21st of July 2023 (GMT), the Ducks United place was once again erased from existance by Ireland. The Ducks decided to relocate again, this time on the left part on the map which was still blank due to it being a recent enlargement of the canvas. The new design was easily installed and expanded quite a bit, and the Ducks United went to war with a smaller french flag. During the day, the void attacked the community and ended up winning, forcing Ducks United to move once more. This time, the community relocated to the left of the original french flag and managed to stay there until the end. The design was this time a lot more advanced as new colors appeared.


24th of July 2023

During the afternoon of the 24th of July 2023 (GMT) the ducks established a colony during the sixth expansion of the canvas, installing it's territory in a place at war. Thanks to the help of all of the ducklings, it quickly grew and formed a decently sized zone which was later named the SW Ducks Colony which lasted a lot of time and almost made it until the end of the r/place event of 2023.

25th of July 2023

In the morning of the 25th of July 2023 (GMT), the SW Ducks Colony was destroyed by the unoffical expansion of the vietnamese flag. During the day, the ducks started reforming their colonies but this time even bigger than before. This time, the newly recreated colony lasted until noon when it got attacked once again. The void and the sky dragon invaded the colony at the same time, only leaving some ducks behind.

Conflicts & Diplomacy

Allies :

  • Black Company
  • r/muse
  • r/mitfurs
  • r/cubers
  • r/WEC
  • r/taylor_swift
  • r/theweeknd
  • r/carti

Ennemies :

  • The Swarm
  • Spanish streamers

Important people

  • Fire (self-proclaimed leader)
  • Alexiscomete (popular leader)
  • Sylicium
  • Katakuro
  • SM Kethan 1er
  • Shigasaa
  • Hecker
  • Chajou
  • Victzégoptérix2
  • Zuren
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