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Name Camellia Logo
Description The logo for Camellia
Location (600, 1479)
Atlas ID 100179
Creator r/camellia

The logo for Camellia (also known as Cametek), a musician that mainly produces Electronic Dance Music. He is also known as the King of Rhythm Games. The logos top row (かめりあ) in Japanese while the bottom row (Camellia) is in English.

/r/place 2022


The Camellia logo was created soon after the second and final expansion of the canvas by members of the Osu alliance and the Camellia community.


Though out its short lifetime, the logo fought against the Lightsaber from the Battle of Heroes artwork, Curious George, Popcorn and the AMC logo.

Final Result

Shortly after its creation, the logo was covered by Curious George, Popcorn and the AMC logo.

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