The Chained Woman in Xuzhou

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The Chained Woman in Xuzhou
Name The Chained Woman in Xuzhou
Description Poster protesting against the Chinese Communist Party for its treatment of trafficked women and censorship of this subject
Location 921, 141
Area 2646 pixels
Atlas ID tx4qxs
Creator r/china place

A group of Chinese dissidents united to raise awareness of human trafficking in China, especially trafficked women who were 'owned' by men to be their 'wives'. This artwork depicted a victim found in Xuzhou, China. She was chained, raped, and forced to give birth to 8 children. Instead of rescuing her and bringing the traffickers and rapists to justice, the CCP government has suppressed reports of this incident, banned discourse about it on social media, and arrested citizens who tried to investigate further. No journalists or volunteers have access to the victim after the government admitted her to psychiatric care. This work received a lot of help, including but not limited to Hong Kong people, Taiwanese people, and Chinese citizens in mainland and overseas.

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