Terraria Tree

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Terraria Tree
Name Terraria Tree
Description Terraria tree that morphed into a forest containing many hearts

(This artwork has no ID due to it being removed from the canvas)

Location 1855, 66
Creator Terraria community


Right after the first expansion of the canvas the Terraria discord exploded and was busy trying to get something made on the canvas, a blueprint was made by user loarado#0212 and they got to work creating the tree. The tree's stump was about finished and branches were being worked on when they realized that randoms on Reddit were extending the trunk of the tree far beyond where it was meant to go. The part of the Terraria discord server working on r/place was quite small compared to the hivemind that was continuing the branches and trunk on and onto the top of the canvas. When it was posted onto Reddit a couple of people from r/PlaceTrees said they were going to help with the tree so it might have been people from that subreddit continuing the tree. Around the same time the tree was being constructed the Moon Lord was also being built so many Terrarians were using their pixels on the Moon Lord instead of controlling the tree.


In the end the tree ended up becoming a forest with ~3 trees, many hearts on and around it, Homer Simpson, and a sleeping Kirby. People coordinating on the Terraria discord server did manage to get a Life Fruit on the tree. After the tree was completely built it was caught in a purple voiding chain directed by XQC, he told his chat to turn the tree of life into the "Tree of death" during stream and with the purple color invading all of the hearts it quite literally got corrupted similar to the game.


After the reconstruction of the tree people who were looking for new spots to place artwork saw the tree as an easy area to place them in with the little defense we had, due to this the tree slowly got built over by other art and disappeared from the canvas, with this starting from a rushed blueprint sent to a discord server the art piece stayed there for an impressively long amount of time. The tree was not present for The Great Whiteout

Below are some images depicting the events that occurred in the lifetime of this tree.

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