Juke's Towers of Hell

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JToH's first three towers, Tower of Hecc, Tower of Screen Punching and Tower of Impossible Expectations.

Juke's Towers of Hell (Formerly Kiddie's Towers of Hecc) is a popular ROBLOX tower styled obby game where you cascade obstacles ranging from easy to even catastrophic difficulty. The image you are seeing is the game's fan artwork in r/place, located in the southern Green Lattice near the IN HONOR OF MAKO painting.

r/place 2022


The first three towers

What you can currently see on this image are the most beloved towers of the community, Tower of Hecc, Tower of Screen Punching and Tower of Impossible Expectations. All three of these are located in Ring 1: Limbo, and also every tower is made by ObrenTune, formerly known as KiddieCannon.

Tower of Hecc

This is the first ever tower made by ObrenTune in around 2016. The first version had a chill zone at the bottom of Floor 1, but that addition was removed when Obren made Kiddie's Towers of Hecc a serious game. The tower is on the left side of the image.

Tower of Screen Punching

Now, This tower has an interesting backstory (in r/place). Basically, This was the 2nd tower that ObrenTune made. This is the only Tower to exist with 9 floors, because the 10th floor got scrapped completely. This was the first tower to be made in r/place before the first canvas expansion. It had an older version that was

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