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The r/place Wiki is intended to be an encyclopaedia of knowledge about r/place, so remember to write clearly, and be descriptive with article names and file names.

If you're unsure about how you should format something, or how you should describe it, check the Wikipedia Manual of Style as we will generally be following it, or ask in our discord for help.

Creating pages

For detailed instructions and examples to create a new page, see the Creating Pages article.

Article names

Articles should be given descriptive names, so it is clear just from the title what it is about.

Artwork names

Community names

If your community is primarily based around a subreddit, use r/(subreddit) as the title of your article. If most of your efforts were organized in a Discord server or platform other than Reddit, use the name of your community as the title.

Neutrality and point of view

Write articles in a neutral tone, and from a 3rd person perspective. For example, instead of writing "I hate xQc because he destroyed my art," write "xQc destroyed many artworks throughout his time on r/place."

Verb tense

Write about artworks, communities, and alliances that still exist in the present tense, and write about art that was destroyed, groups and alliances that have been disbanded, or past events in the past tense.

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