Maintane (K&M)

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Maintane (K&M)
Name Maintane
Description One of the main characters of the game K&M.
Location (472,1966)
Atlas ID txb9kk
Creator A few friends on Discord, r/K_M

Maintane is one of the two main protagonists and playable characters of the 2022 indie video game K&M. Her head first appeared on the third day of the r/place 2022 canvas in the bottom left region.

r/place 2022


A comparison of Maintane's head ingame (on the left) and her head on r/place (on the right).
Maintane's full sprite in the game.
The location decided to relocate to after the failure with Big Chungus.

Since the amount of people working to make the art was small, the decision was to be limited to making Maintane's head alone and not the rest of her body, and also not Kiffen (the other main character in the game). The sprite was made late into Day 2, but at the time people were asleep so it could not be used. The sprite itself used the closest possible colors to the ingame version at the time, substituting a flesh tone with white and the dark blue hair with black.


The original location planned for Maintane's head.

On the third day, because there was a lot of chaos and the canvas had expanded, everybody began trying to find a place to put Maintane since it now seemed possible to do. The first idea for a location was left of the ears of artwork of Big Chungus, but the spot was contested for by some people who made artwork of a frog head and the spot was given up for them. This turned out to be a beneficial occurrence as Big Chungus would be destroyed and turned into art of the streamer Quin69 and the game Chrono Trigger.

It was then chosen to relocate to an area that seemed to be contested for and at the time a bit of a mess and easier to try moving to. The community above, which turned out to be for The New Order: Last Days of Europe (shortened to TNO), was also building a logo and it was assumed that there would be no conflicts in building. Another reason for moving was because Maintane has black hair in the planned artwork, it could be easier to establish her since there was mostly black pixels around the area.

The sudden realization that Maintane's head may be in conflict with TNO.
For a brief moment at 68:00, Maintane's head was sus.
Maintane's head with the trans flag.

With the head now nearly finished, it was decided to make a border to mark where the art ends and also add some gray pixels as transparency. However, there was then the sudden realization when one of the friends zoomed out that the artwork for TNO was much larger than expected and the location of Maintane's head had some conflict with the intended design.

Fortunately, the people of the TNO community were kind and understanding and allowed the art to stay, and an alliance to protect the artwork for each group was made. Artwork for Loritta, another community, was planned as an alliance as well to be placed above Maintane's head. Thus, all three groups continued to protect each other and ensure everybody could make it to the final canvas.

Towards the end of Day 3, one of the friends had the idea to add a small transgender flag right of Maintane as many of the friends are transgender and nonbinary. Kiffen, although not in the artwork, is also nonbinary. The flag was constructed and used a different blue color due to the cyan around the area. Unfortunately, the flag was hit with a few noise pixels in the final canvas, although most of it can still be seen. But aside from the few noise pixels, the head, artwork for TNO and artwork for Loritta remained intact and made it into the final canvas.

Final Result

The final result with stray pixels.
Although not the final canvas, the end result (before being hit with stray pixels).
Part of the Whiteout. Although the border is damaged and TNO/Loritta have also been hit, Maintane remained mostly intact.

In the end, the artwork was pretty successful and all artwork made it to the final canvas aside from the few stray pixels.

With the Great Whiteout, Maintane remained mostly intact for the majority of the time and only finally was hit by a pixel much later. However, Maintane still would face the inevitable fate of the rest of the canvas and become one with the white void.


The event was a ton of fun and a great experience. It has also inspired the idea for adding Kiffen instead for the next r/place so that the duo can be completed, although that will be a long time from now.

The event also resulted in the creation of the Subreddit r/K_M, which can now be used in the future.

Overall, it was nice and peaceful and the community is looking forwards to the future.

An image of the game K&M, from which Kiffen and Maintane originate.
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