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ARK Logo Final.png
ARK Logo
Name ARK Logo
Description A Small 500 pixel wide logo made by the collaborative effort of multiple ARK communities, the members of ARK's Official Discord, ARK Streamers/Youtubers, and members of Studio Wildcard
Location 1894, 1239
Atlas ID tx4tan
Creator ARK

The ARK Logo is a small logo of a Prehistoric Sci-fi, Sandbox Survival game called "ARK: Survival Evolved" featuring abilities taming and make an army made from numerous creatures from Dinosaurs to Robots to Aliens to Mutants, and send them to fight bosses, and raid other tribes and alliances

/r/place 2022


Made in the middle of the 3rd expansion, ARK's Official Discord decided to make a small pixel version of the game's logo due to being a small game community and easily got wiped in multiple occasions

an image template made by a discord moderator named Theorie


First Attempt

the ARK community joined r/Place during the 3rd canvass expansion, placed above r/Belgium's Atomium until got wiped by the Belgians and the Luxembourg Flag Heart took its place

Second Attempt

First location near r/Belgium's Atomium

moved to a different location within r/Germany's Banner next to Sally Carrera from Pixar's Cars with "The Terran Federation" logo until got wiped by the Germans

Third Attempt

moved to a different location near r/Turkey's Barış Peace sign until gets eaten by the Void

Final Place

moved to a different location near ARKadia's logo, ARK's Spanish Community where the spot is originally owned by MSI fan community that is contested by multiple factions until ARK allies up with "the Frog People" by preserving the Pixel Frog locally called as the "ARK Froggy" until it got wiped by other members of ARK's community outside of the Official Discord, scrapping the idea adding other tames like the Dodo, leaving a yellow border instead

Final Result

a small 500 pixel piece with black "ARK" text above the iconic silver stylized A with Red, Blue, and Green Gems at each edge of the letter with a large yellow background

placed within r/Germany's Banner with Terran Federation Logo
placed near r/Turkey's Barış Peace sign
placed near r/Turkey's Barış Peace sign before got wiped
Final Place Contested against the Monkey and Frog after they claimed the spot from MSI fans
Final Place with ARK Froggy
Final Place, Clean Version
Text Suggestions
Despite getting wiped by their own community some will never forget the ARK Froggy
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